Telluride Theatre: The Taming of the Shrew

3:13 PM

Michael Raver Leads Telluride Theatre's TAMING OF THE SHREW

Telluride Theatre presents 
THE TAMING OF THE SHREW by William Shakespeare, directed by Colin Sullivan
2017 Shakespeare in the Park
July 15 - 22 at 8pm, Sunday Matinee July 16 at 2pm (no show Weds July 19)
$20 (adults) $12 (children)
RAIN OR SHINE - audience is covered by town park stage. Please dress warm!
Suitable for ages 12+
TICKETS available at or by calling 970.708.7629
This summer's Shakespeare in the Park production on the Town Stage will introduce audiences to two of Shakespeare's most famous and fraught lovers: Kate & Petruchio, played by Michael Raver (TV's TURN: Washington's Spies) and Telluride Theatre's own Cat Lee Covert (A Midsummer Night's Dream). Shakespeare's The Taming of the Shrew, penned at the height of his powers as a playwright and London entertainer, is both a play full of deception, dress-up and ultimately one of the most tumultuous and true relationships between any two characters in any of his 38 plays.
Director Colin Sullivan notes that the play is as wild as it seems: "It's a difficult play with a difficult premise. The title let's you know right up front that Kate and Petruchio's relationship isn't meant to be even, and their courting may be even less so. But their relationship is, in most ways, very modern - it's beautiful and complicated, they exhaust each other, they speak sometimes from their hearts and sometimes from their egos, and even protect each other. People often see this as an issue-driven play, but I think that's selling the power and nuance of these characters short, especially Kate. This play is on fire from the first scene. We need to let it burn."
While Kate and Petruchio's courtship provides a solid heart to the play, there is an incredible story revolving around them. Shew is, in it's orginal form, a play within a play, told for a local drunk named Christopher Sly. There are young lovers playing in secret, quarreling suitors, disguised teachers, a loving father trying to do the best for his daughters, and a myriad of servants behind the scenes pulling the strings and trying not to get in hot water. Telluride Theatre's version is set in modern day Colorado, with another riveting set design from company technical director/designer, Erika Bush, costumes by Melissa Trn and lights by Tommy Wince. Telluride Theatre's The Taming of the Shrew, promises to be one of Shakespeare's wildest plays to hit the stage.
In addition to Raver* and Covert, the production features Chambri Shwartz, Henry Mitchell, Simon Perkovich, Caroline Grace Moore, Dave MacMillan, Peter Lundeen, Sue Knechtel, Lexi Torelli, Buff Hooper, Evan MacMillan, Arabella Galbo and Jaxon Mosher.
* Appearing courtesy of Actor's Equity Association

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