Death Comes for The War Poets

A Verse Drama About World War I
Death Comes for the War Poets grapples with the horror of trench warfare as experienced by two of the greatest poets of the First World War, Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen. Featuring the poetry of Sassoon and Owen, the drama asks: How does one cope with the horror of war? Is there room for hope? And what of the Spirit of Death? Can Death itself be changed?
Joseph Pearce is an internationally acclaimed author of many books, including the bestsellers The Quest for Shakespeare, and Tolkien: Man and Myth.
Prior to opening night, the Sheen Center is also hosting a conversation between Joseph Pearce and Father Peter John Cameron, O.P. on June 8th @7:00pm.
Nicholas Carrier (Sigfried Sassoon) & Michael Raver (Wilfred Owen). Photo by Lloyd Mulvey 2017

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